The Dayton Hispanic Chamber is pleased to announce the formation of “DHC Member Open House” events. The Open House program will provide an opportunity for member companies to showcase their business one-on-one to other DHC members and the Dayton region.

Any DHC business level member in good standing may hold a DHC sanctioned Open House event. To alleviate expenses, two (2) or more member companies may combine resources and hold a joint open house.

The hosting member(s) companies must:

  • Provide a completed open house application no less than 30 days in advance.
  • Obtain DHC approval no less than one (1) week prior to Open House.
  • Provide a suitable location including refreshments (company’s discretion).
  • Handle all details pertaining to organization of the Open House.
  • Cover all costs associated with the Open House.

DHC Open House events should be open to the public with no cost of admission. Events may be held mornings but afternoons are preferred. Open House events may not conflict with other DHC scheduled events.

DHC will support the member company in the following ways:

  • List the event on the DHC Events Calendar (no charge)
  • Place a notice in the Upcoming Events section of the DHC website
  • Announce the members Open House at DHC networking events
  • Provide support from one or more DHC board member (availability permitting)

To schedule an Open House event, please contact DHC Events Director or DHC Secretary to obtain approval not less than 30 days prior to the desired date.